Way Of Retribution
Partial deletion of user data.
Partial deletion of an account means deleting the links between the user data and the game account from the authorization system (Game ID from Google Play, Facebook, Apple).

*Way of Retribution does not collect personal data such as passwords, email addresses, names, etc.
A unique account key related to the application is required for identification (Authorization via Google, Facebook, Apple).

*Before partially deleting an account, create a game character with the nickname "delete" plus any suffix (ex: delete123).

The procedure for PARTIAL deletion of an account and all data related to it:
  1. Log in through the application, log in to your game account;
  2. Click the "Play" button;
  3. In the character selection menu, in the upper right corner, click the "Account" button;
  4. Click "Delete".
*You can restore your account by contacting us via Email/Discord/VK:
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