Upcoming update
Way of Retribution 4.0 Update Information
  • Character levels
    • New max level: 70.
    • Upon death at 0%, with loss of experience, the character's level is reset to the previous one.
    • For new characters, a smoother start of leveling - on assignments. New tasks in game zones: Ruins and Caves.
    • Changed the level cap on gaining experience.
    • Group Abyss, once per week.
  • Character nicknames
    • Unique character nicknames. Ability to change nickname.
    • When creating a character, if the nickname is taken, a notification comes.
  • Vault and Trade
    • Opening the Vault and Exchange between characters.
    • An auction has been added to the game.
    • There are almost no restrictions on the transferred items.
    • You can now put gold in the vault.
  • Clans System
    • [tag] clan will be removed and custom emblems will be added instead.
    • Ability to make the full name of the clan.
    • New clan system: ability to declare inter-clan wars, accept wars and win wars.
    • Added clan reputation mechanics. Reputation can be obtained both in PvE activities and in clan wars. Reputation can be lost.
    • The clan window displays how much reputation each member brings to the clan.
    • Top clans by reputation, with rewards for the strongest.
  • In-game items
    • New weapon rank, including the Death Knight Sword.
    • New jewelry.
    • Treasure chests added: free (when killing enemies) and paid (for WR coins).
  • Balance Changes
    • You can find out about changes in the balance of game classes in the Official Discord community, on the "changelogs" channel.
  • Interface changes
    • A single menu with tabs by contexts.
    • Removed weapon swap panel. Increased the panel of used items.
    • Equipment can be placed on the panel of used items for quick dressing in battle.
    • Added setting for adjusting the camera range.
  • WR-coins
    • When making a purchase, you can get in the form of packages (100 and 1000 coins).
    • When exchanging with players, currency can only be transferred in packaged form. Unpacked WR Coins will not be transferred.

Characters transfer

Information and conditions for transferring characters to the "new version" of the game

  • Only characters above level 10 will be transferred.
  • Character levels will NOT be reset.
Inventory & Vault:
  • Items in the Vault will not be transferred.
  • Resources and consumables will be removed from the character's inventory during the transfer. Items of equipment and weapons will remain (within the limits).
  • The transfer limit is 70 slots, taking into account the equipped items (in case of exceeding, random items from the inventory will be moved).
  • PC coins will be converted to WR (given the ratio).
State of improvement:
  • Almost all item upgrades will be reset. Exceptions: "Hero's Belt", "Wind Talisman" and "Experience Talisman".
  • Gem inserts will NOT be reset.
  • The headdress of "Greatness" will be transformed into a "Talisman of Greatness" while maintaining the level of improvement.
  • The armor effect of the Divine/Fortitude/Conqueror will be converted into the corresponding talismans.
  • Spaces will be removed..
  • For non-unique nicknames, numbering will be added.
  • Due to clan system changes, existing clans will be deleted.
Character Gold:
Will be reduced to 5 million (5.000.000).

Engineering works

During the transition to the new version and the transfer of characters, the game server will be closed for technical work.
The availability of services will be announced upon completion in the Official Discord community of the game.
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